GD427 in action

GD427 in action

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Seats in

Kinda lost my way over the past couple of days, been running around doing little bits here and there, finishing off the odd job where I'd used a standard nut but meant to use a nyloc, tidying some of the cable runs, trimming the ends off cable ties ect. and thinking about the IVA.

In terms of milestones, I've fitted the harness eye bolts after painting the load spreading plates black which go under the floor. I also fitted the eyebolts into the roll bars. As the roll bar contains a captive nut in the form of a threaded sleeve, in order for the eyebolt to tighten into the correct position you have to add or remove washers so it's vertical when fully tightened.

I fitted the handbrake gaitor, the one supplied is made from thick stainless steel and I wasn't sure how it fitted, it appeared that it had to be bent to follow the contour of the floor in this area and rather than risk making a mess of it, I made a copy in aluminium as a trial. The ally one fitted perfectly and as you can't even see it when the seat is fitted I'll leave in place for now. If the seats ever have to come out again, I'll fit the stainless one.

Once the harnesses were in I couldn't resist trial fitting a seat.

And once you've started, well, it would be rude not too !

Only the door cards and gearstick to go and the interior will be finished.

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