GD427 in action

GD427 in action

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Tidying up a few edges

No pictures, just a quick description of what I've been up to other than trampolining.
Most of the components fitted to the body are trial fitted but I'm getting towards the stage where I'm happy with the fit and they can be permantly bolted into place. Thoughts have turned towards polishing the body and making good any and areas which might require a little attention. This week I've been concentrating on the bonnet and going all around the edge, rubbing down, filling with gelcoat and rubbing again to get a nice clean finish. Once that's done, there's some work to do on the edge of the boot lid and along the top of the doors. Most things have now been fitted at one stage or another, the only major part left to tackle is the windscreen which I've yet to purchase and is the next part of the jigsaw allowing the wipers/wiper motor to be fitted. I'll probably trial fit like most of the other stuff to make sure I'm happy and then it's an all over body polish and this stuff can all be bolted back on for the last time.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Bit of fun...

As well as finishing off a few loose ends around the body today, I built this... supposedly for the kids but I want first go !

Tidying up..

Had another good day today, not much to show for it but basically went round and tidied up a few loose ends. Finished the extended footwell, polished the engine bay in readiness to fit the forward wiring loom and finished off a few rough edges underneath that were left over from when the body was in the mould.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pedal Box & Extended Footwell

Managed to get a bit more done today namely fitting the pedal box and the extended footwell. I actually made the cut for the extended footwell some time ago and all I really did today was drill the mounting holes and fit the jacknuts to hold it in place. It still needs a little fettling to get everything lined up and them some additional bodywork cut away to open the hole up as I deliberately cut it too small to start with. You can always make a small hole bigger...

I started the pedal box by removing the pedals and roughly positioning the frame to get an idea where it should go. The frame is mounted as far left as possible leaving enough room to fit the carpet alongside. The top of the frame sits roughly 5mm below the curved ledge that is the horizontal corner section in the engine bay. By marking and drilling the centre hole first, you can temporarily fit the frame in place which makes it much easier to mark the other holes.

Access Panels to Footwell Compartments

With hindsight, I'm probably better using standard M5 bolts than button heads to secure the access panels. With all the rubbish thrown up under the wheel arches once on the road, bolts with a standard hex head will be a lot easier to remove using a socket/spanner than button heads with an Allen key. I'll add some bolts to my shopping list and change them over at a later date.
I've also chosen to secure the panels at the corners, it's crossed my mind whether these would have been better secured half way along the edges to pull the panel tighter against the bulkhead, I guess time will tell...

Monday, 10 May 2010

A Step Closer...

A bit more progress made, no big write up, all fairly self explanatory

Front lights & Indicators fitted

Rear wiring loom fitted

Access panels fitted to footwell compartments. These were backed with strips of 2mm neoprene and fitted with M5 button heads into jacknuts.

The grey strip you can see on the outside edge of the wheel arches is a piece of foam pipe lagging that I've used to protect the edges when I'm pushing the body in and out of the garage.