GD427 in action

GD427 in action

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Air Horns

I put the air horns together which was a case of simply bolting the components onto the bracket supplied by GD, cutting a bit of tube supplied in the kit and fitting it all together. The bracket mounts using the same bolts that hold the radiator frame. As this frame will have to come off to mount the body onto the chassis I'll leave mounting the air horns any further until after the body has been fitted.

Beginnings of the Dash

I've started to mark out the dash ready to cut the holes for the gauges. I understand the later dash's are premarked by GD but mine is just blank so I enlisted some help from the Cobra Club and someone kindly sent me a template which I firstly transferred to graph paper and then used that as a guide to mark through onto masking tape behind.

To mark the gauge centres, all I've done at this stage is to start a small hole with a 2mm bit, I'll then use this as a reference to scribe the gauge outlines to make sure I'm happy with the layout before committing myself further.