GD427 in action

GD427 in action

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Boot Lid Pictures

I spent a fair bit of time positioning this catch in the middle of the boot opening only to find it didn't line up with the locking mechanism and handle which was positioned in the middle of the boot lid. I guess I was expecting too much, alternatively, I didn't think it through properly.... you choose. As it's more important for the handle to be in the centre of the boot lid I had to move the catch across a little to line up.

The boot lid was positioned by packing the opening with card held down by masking tape to bring it up to the correct height and to hold it central. In this way I could remove and replace the boot lid to my hearts content knowing that it went back in the same position each time.

With some help from my Dad... hey Dad, you're on the internet !... I climbed into the boot and had my Dad replace the bootlid behind me. I could then bolt the hinges into place and offer up the boot catch to mark it's position before fixing.

Here's the catch after fitting the T-Handle on the outside of the boot lid. The square section will be cut to length later.

I also took the opportunity to fit the rear lights, indicators and number plate light. Another step closer and looking a bit more like a car.