GD427 in action

GD427 in action

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Pedal Box & Extended Footwell

Managed to get a bit more done today namely fitting the pedal box and the extended footwell. I actually made the cut for the extended footwell some time ago and all I really did today was drill the mounting holes and fit the jacknuts to hold it in place. It still needs a little fettling to get everything lined up and them some additional bodywork cut away to open the hole up as I deliberately cut it too small to start with. You can always make a small hole bigger...

I started the pedal box by removing the pedals and roughly positioning the frame to get an idea where it should go. The frame is mounted as far left as possible leaving enough room to fit the carpet alongside. The top of the frame sits roughly 5mm below the curved ledge that is the horizontal corner section in the engine bay. By marking and drilling the centre hole first, you can temporarily fit the frame in place which makes it much easier to mark the other holes.


Andy said...

Hi Ryan,

Just reading through your blog again, nice job! Im hoping to get more work done on mine soon so between all the blogs out there Im taking hints & tips away with me!!

One question you could help me with is the pedal box, I originally planned to fit the adjustable option but now am thinking that wont be justified. How do you get on with having the fixed version? Can you get a comfy driving position? I'm about 6'2" so I wondered how this stacks up against your driver experience!!

Also do the stainless pressure lines from the bulkhead fixings to the chassis block come with the bulkhead fixing kit or are they separate, I can see the fixed hard lines but I guess they are from the master cylinders to the bulkhead fixings?!

Many Thanks


Ryan said...

Hi Andy,

I can't remember whether the bulk head fixing came with the flexible or rigid pipes or maybe even on their own. I bought everything from GD anyway, a quick call to the factory will put you right.

Best of luck with your build.