GD427 in action

GD427 in action

Saturday, 26 May 2012


I've finished extending the wiring for the heated seats, which will run under the carpet so it was time to glue the first piece in. This lies along the transmission tunnel from the rear right up to the front bulkhead and under where the dash will mount. The support bar which runs across the car between the windscreen legs bolts down onto the transmission tunnel so I needed to make some holes for the bolts to pass through. In order to mark them accurately I cut down a couple of bolts and cut a slot in the end so I could fix them with a screwdriver into some jacknuts I'd previously fitted as securing points.

Leaving them a little proud and placing the carpet over the top allowed me to make an indentation in the underside of the carpet by tapping the area lightly with a wooden mallet.

A hole was then made using a punch and after a little double/triple checking, the carpet was glued down.

I used a plastic spreader (hotel room key card) to spread the glue over the two surfaces which gave a good even coverage and worked really well. Once the carpet was stuck in, I could put the support bars back and bolt it down using some washers as spacers between it and the carpet.

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