GD427 in action

GD427 in action

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Rear Over-riders

Today was the turn of the rear over-riders. These simply bolt through the rear of the body work and are bolted up from inside the boot. I've been in a bit of a dilemma recently knowing whether to mount things such as the fog and reverse stand-offs and now the over-riders, level, or by eye, trying to keep things looking "right" even if they actually weren't. After a few trial runs using spirit levels, laser levels and various pieces of wood in order to find "level" and use that as a reference point, I gave up and decided that I'd make it look right in comparison to the rest of the car. To that end I suspended a piece of cotton taught between the lens fixing bolts in the rear lights and used that as a reference point to mount the over-riders level compared with the rear lights. As it stands, a spirit level across the rear lights shows them to be pretty close but as I've said before I've no idea whether the floor is level in this part of the garage. Once it's back down off axle stands, if it looks wrong I can always tweak it later.

The first one took a while before I had confidence to wield the drill but once I'd got one side fitted, it was just a case of the same again on the other side using the cotton line as a reference for height and distance from the boot edge as a reference for how far to mount to the side.

I took the lead from Steve and made some angled spacers to fit over the bolts inside the boot to allow the nuts to tighten up squarely in spite of the angle of the bodywork. I've used standard nuts for now but will change these to nylocs once I know they won't be coming off again.

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