GD427 in action

GD427 in action

Sunday, 27 April 2008

More Flashlines

OK, this will probably be my last "flashline" post for a while I promise, unless I find something else of interest! I started work on the front of the car today which being towards the front of the garage and nearer daylight allowed me to give the 3M paper a proper review. I started by taking the high spots off with a file and began wet sanding with 600 grit before moving onto 1200 and then 2000 grit. I originally planned to go to 2500 but looking at the results I've had so far I can't see the need. These are the results and whilst the camera probably doesn't show it, the surface is very smooth and uniform and just looks dusty and dull rather than sanded. The white streaks are from the soap I used which helps lubricate the paper, stops it clogging and breaks down the surface tension of the water.

Then just for fun and because my patience got the better of me again, I decided to see what 5 minutes work with farecla G6 would do. This was literally 5 minutes as I timed myself...

And then 5 minutes with G3...

And for the final 5 minutes, a quick wipe over with some polish. This won't be the final finish as I intend to go over the whole car with an electric polisher but it just goes to show what can be accomplished by hand with a little time and effort.

Mmmmm.... shiny

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