GD427 in action

GD427 in action

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Back to the Mothership

After 5 years using a picture of someone else car parked outside the GD workshop for inspiration, it was very satisfying to take the following photo:-

With around 600 miles on the clock, I took the car into GD to have the suspension alignment checked in preparation for the trackday I've booked at the end of June. Andy was very complementary on the build and after a few tweeks of the tracking front and rear and a rough guess at the damper settings, Andy took me for a spin around a local private road to see how it felt on the move. With Andy's experience of these cars and his knowledge of the road I don't suppose this was anything special to him but to me, it was a ride I'll never forget ! Going through sweeping left and right hand bends, accelerating and braking whilst calmly giving me a running commentary on the cars handling I was left completely in awe of the performance and capability of this car, my car, the one I built myself, at home, in my garage... ! Totally and utterly amazing !

I'll apologise in advance but I feel a bit of a speech coming on, I'd like to thank Andy and Meena for their help and support over the years, my Dad for giving me the confidence to have a go and my Wife and family for their patience and understanding, the endless cups of tea and constantly explaining to people on the phone that I was in the garage. Oh dear, I seem to have come over all soppy, never mind, a quick blast around the block will cure that ! ...... cue tyrannical laughter .....

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